A place for sharing ideas and experiences with equipment.

If you were to look at a day in the life of an occupational therapist (OT), there's a good chance you'd come across specialised assistive equipment somewhere. OTs help people overcome obstacles such as illness, injury or disability to achieve a lifestyle that is meaningful to them. We do this by either remediating the problem, that is, helping the person recover, or compensating for the problem, by finding a way to work around it. We love prescribing equipment because [when done well] it provides a way for people to do things independently, or with less assistance than they would otherwise need.

Some benefits of using assistive equipment include:

  • Enabling someone to do something they otherwise wouldn't be able to,
  • Reducing the need for assistance, thereby preserving dignity and enhancing self-efficacy,
  • Improving safety and decreasing risk of injury to the person and others.

Choosing the right equipment can be a tedious task. OTs often have specific measurements or features in mind that would promote the best possible outcome. The aim of OT Equipment Info is to make it easy for OTs to find information; saving time and improving outcomes.